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Transfer of PC

A Principal Certifier (PC) needs to be appointed by the property owner before starting any approved construction or building works. The PC will oversee the construction work, complete mandatory inspections and issue the occupation certificate.

If at any time during the process you need to replace an appointed PC for the project, there are 2 options:

  1. Make a new agreement between the property owner, current PC and proposed new PC. The new PC will need to notify the local council within 2 days of being appointed, by lodging a notice to appoint a replacement principal certifier form.
  2. If you’re not able to come to an agreement to appoint a new PC, the property owner can apply to NSW Fair Trading to change the PC by completing an application to replace a principal certifier.  The application is to be submitted to [email protected] for review.  Once Fair trading have reviewed the application, they will provide their feedback/approval to replace the PC via email.


Details on how to lodge the Transfer of PC request is noted on the forms once downloaded. 


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