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The Private Certification process allows an appropriately qualified Accredited
Certifier who is an independent party from the owner and builder to carry out
building approvals and inspections and will ensure that building approvals,
certifications and inspections comply with legislative requirements.

We pride ourselves on our efficient processing of applications and
commitment to always exceed the expectations of our clients.

Construction Certificates

A Construction Certificate is required after a Development Application (DA) is
issued and before any works are carried out on site. The proposal must comply
with the Building Code of Australia and conditions of consent must be satisfied
prior to issuing.

Complying Development Certificates

A Complying Development Certificate is a combined planning and construction
approval that is legislated by the NSW Government. It can be issued directly by a
Private Certifier without the need of going through the Council for a Development
Application Approval. The proposal must meet the NSW Housing Code Criteria
and comply with the Building Code of Australia to be considered under CDC.

Undertake Critical-Stage
Inspections as the Principal Certifier

A Principal Certifier is engaged to carry out mandatory inspections associated
with a build during the construction process. They will ensure the structure is
completed is accordance with the approved consent, whether it be a Complying
Development (CDC) or Development Application (DA) and Construction Certificate
(CC) as well as checking compliance against the Building Code of Australia (BCA)
requirements. Upon completion of all mandatory inspections and final documents
provided (where applicable), an Occupation Certificate will be issued.

Occupation Certificates

An Occupation Certificate authorises the use and occupation of a new building
and confirms compliance of the built structure to approved plans, conditions and
government legislation. It is issued upon completion of construction of the
structure after all mandatory inspections have been completed and any
supporting document provided to the Principal Certifying Authority.

Preliminary Complying
Development Assessment

Not all projects can be considered under Complying Development, we therefore can complete a preliminary assessment on your design (where relevant documents have been provided) to confirm compliance with current legislation.

Residential development types

Our certifiers can issue Construction Certificate (CC) and Complying Development Certificate (CDC) approvals for a variety of development types including:


Dual Occupancy




Retaining Walls


Swimming Pools




Farm Shed

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