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Landscape Plan

Amendment Approval

Owners can often change their mind during construction on how they propose to finalise their landscaping, this is a reasonable request, however the change may require approval from the consent authority before works can commence.



New Design Assessment

A detailed assessment will need to be carried out on the new proposed design prior to an approval being issued.  Where council were the consent authority you will need to contact them directly to discuss changes with them and obtain a modified development consent (DA) before lodging an amended Construction Certificate (CC) to the Private the certifier. If the original application was approved under Complying Development (CDC) the private certifier can assess application and if compliant issue an approval.


Amendment Considerations

Before making any changes to your design, you must take into consideration any conditions that may be imposed whether it be by Council or the Estate Developer Approval.

All design changes must be documented via way of an amended landscape plan and show the following:

  • Show the area of landscaping components and types of plants being changed (species, mature heights, Planting locations, lawns areas etc)
  • If the original landscape plan was prepared by an Arborist, Landscape Architect, Horticulturalist or the like, the amended plan will also need to be prepared by a person with similar qualifications and accompanied with the appropriate certification (where applicable).
  • All reference numbers, dates and amendments are to be noted on the amended plans to distinguish from the previous landscape plans (if amendments have been made by the owner this also needs to be noted on the plan ie: Revision B, Dated 23/3/2022, Drawn by John Smith (Owner)


Application Submission

An application form, evidence of payment of the assessment fee and the updated landscape plan must be submitted to [email protected] prior to assessment being carried out.

Consideration of any application to change a Landscape Plan will require 3-5 full working days from the date that the email was received.

Approval of the amended design is subject to full assessment.


Please contact us as [email protected] for any further information or fee structure.


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